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Not owning so many beauty spots, Laos still draws the attention of a considerable number of tourists from various regions. Laos attracts foreign tourists by the wild beauty of nature, the hospitability of the local people and distinctive foods and drinks. For those who would like to explore this lovely country, villasaykhamhotel is really a valuable source which helps tourists to get Laos information. With the support of the website, you will easily travel in Laos, seek good places to visit or Laos hotels. In addition, this one provides different tours to Laos and Vietnam as well. Together with Laos, Vietnam also owns many interesting features.

Foods and Drinks

Introduction >>Lao Sausage >>5 Dishes must-try in Laos Nam khao or naem khao is Lao crispy rice salad,...
Lao Sausage

Overview Lao sausage, also known as Laotian sausage/Sai Oua/Sai Ua or Sai Gork/Sai Kork, usually refers...
5 Dishes must-try in Laos

Laotians enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs, for this reason they appear in almost every Laos...
Khao Jee Sandwich: Baguette Sandwich

>>Rice whisky in Laos >>Some street food to try in Luang Prabang Overview of Laos food Laos food...
Rice whisky in Laos

Rice whisky (lao-lao) is a popular drink among lowland Lao. The best kinds of rice...
Kaipen (Fried Seaweed)

>>Some street food to try in Luang Prabang >>Khao nom kok – Laos coconut cakes Kaipen –...


Bolikhamxay in Laos

Located in the south of Vientiane - Laos, Bolikhamxay is a center for ecotourism activities. With beautiful waterfalls, travellers also can relax, swim, trek or camp in here.
Wat Sasiket

Wat Sasiket, also known as Sisaket, is considered as the oldest temple in Vientiane capital city.
Tad Lo in Laos

Tad Lo is a budget travellers’ paradise and more and more backpackers are onto this fact, visiting both by motorcycle and public bus.
The Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars is considered the most distinctive and enigmatic of all Laos attractions.